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Back to School Tips to Keep You Sane

CBS Phoenix - Elizabeth Lyons


So, yeah, the 2014-15 school year is about to commence. On one hand, it sure seems like the last day of school was just yesterday. On the other hand, who cares. These kids are bored, and hot, and the 6-year-old has taken to multiplying 6-digit numbers by one another via her blinged-out calculator, which is clearly an indicator that she needs to be doing that in a more…shall we say, educational…environment.

Getting 5 kids out of bed, dressed, fed, and off to school with homework and lunches in hand and teeth brushed in a stress-free manner is not easy.

Truth be told, the biggest strategy to getting through our mornings in this household is good coffee and a sense of humor. Choosing battles is also important. If they forget their homework, there is a natural consequence for that (and it has zero to do with me driving over to take it to them). If they don’t brush their teeth, someone will likely alert them in a far more effective way than I could. And for the hour of chaos that is filled with “That’s MY cereal” and “Why on earth are you wearing that?” I know I have 7 hours of silence to regroup before the evening chaos takes over.

All that said, if you are someone who wants a definitive Plan A, B, and Y in addition to humor and coffee, might I recommend my go-tos for all such inspiration: Instagram and Pinterest — especially for simple, healthy food ideas.

5 Great Food Idea Instagrammers to Follow:






5 Great Food Idea Pinners to Follow:




@Harry Pierre & Petunia Puddlesworth


And for those of you looking for some organizational tips and tricks:

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And, frankly, if you would like 32 additional tried-and-true strategies for staying sane during the school year, look no further than this little gem.

May the force be with you!